International Activities

International Activities
A trip to Beijing

In September our principal, Bent Gangelhof, was invited to a conference by the Asia-Europe-Foundation. The conference was being held in Beijing and it was about the Cyberspace-classroom.

Therefore the 7th grade started a virtual communication partnership with children of the same age. Children from Greece, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Vancouver, Canada

In September 2005 Bent, Anette and Mette travelled to Vancouver in Canada to study the digital portfolio method and to make a connection with a partnership school.

The Canadians have worked with the portfolio education for over 20 years and have now made the presentation of a portfolio for all the students attending the 10th and 11th school year mandatory. The Portfolio contains a wide range of documentation of the students’ qualifications as well as social and creative skills. This model can not be directly transferred to our school system, but it gave a lot of ideas of how to evaluate the student’s learning. This idea will, without a doubt, be introduced to Nyborg Friskole.

In addition to that we spend an entire day in L.A. Matthesons Secondary School, which is situated in a multicultural area of Vancouver. We have in the present 8th classes begun a partnership with numerous teacher involved. To begin with it has just been about exchanging letters.

Financially the trip became possible due to an application we wrote to the Ministry of Eduction, hoping for them to chip in, fortunately they did.

Global Partnership School – a project for the 7th grade

This school year we have had the pleasure to collaborate with an American class. The name of the project was”GPS” and its purpose was to create a contact to other youths and an understanding of the culture they are a part of.  Salem Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina is the school we have been cooperating with since the beginning of the school year. The students in America have been working with Denmark and our culture as a topic and we have been able to keep an ongoing dialogue, thanks to the Internet and the online-program “Voice Thread” In addition to this our kids have send “fact files” about themselves, their families and their country, so that their American friends could get an insight into a small community like Nyborg – Denmark. The idea of such a partnership school is to create a bond that will hopefully last. As an English teacher this project simply gives the English lessons a whole new dimension. If you would like to check out Voice Thread then go to  this link: http://www.voicetread.com

Asia-Europe cooperation

Nyborg Friskole, which is one of the three Danish schools in this project, where European schools collaborate with Asian schools. Classes from the sixth to the tenth grade can participate in Cyberspace Classroom Network. In the current school year we are participating in four projects. The picture is from a Network conference held in Malaysia, December 2008. Karsten Cassøe Madsen and Bent Gangelhof were the participants


In the fall of 2007, the 10th grade teamed up with schools from France and Holland in a project with the title: One day I´ll leave home. It was an interdisciplinary cooperation between English (Dan Nielsen) and social studies (Anette V). The project was about all the thoughts you have as a young person, when you move away from home. The project received  the etwinnings certificate, which can be seen below:

The Comenius project in the primary school

Nyborg Friskole is a part of the Comenius project with the title: A creative intake of teaching languages and of learning.

Together with schools in Leeds and Liverpool in England and Sobrance in Slovakia, we gather ideas for the first years of teaching foreign languages. We find or create material with teacher guidance’s, but we also film and photograph the lessons. The films and photographs are then put on our website so other schools can benefit from it and find inspiration for their own teaching. It is a three years project. Twice a year the involved teachers meet to evaluate and make future planning. At the same time we visit each other’s schools to observe and learn from the teaching. You will also get the chance to see other schools in the area. The teachers from England and Slovakia will visit Nyborg in April 2008.

Our primary school visiting our friends in Leeds

In the beginning of November Jytte, Eva, Benedikte, Annette and Bent went to Leeds to meet with the schools Comeniusproject partnersFørst i november tog Jytte, Eva, Benedikte, Annette og Bent til Leeds for at mødes med skolens samarbejdspartnere i Comeniusprojektet.

It was as always exciting and educational to see a different schoolsystem and to exchange experiences with teachers from other countries. Because we are different, we can learn a lot from each other.

We visited a Primary School, Secondary School and a Highschool and ended our visit at Betty’s in York.