About Nyborg Friskole

About Nyborg Friskole


Independent Schools each have their own profile. Our profile is about high professionalism and human qualities – with a dedicated teaching staff that has clear goals for the teaching.

We speak English from the kindergarten class

We already begin the English teaching in the kindergarten class, not to mug up, but to provide the children with an appetite on the world, which opens up on the very first day of school.

Everybody matters

We evaluate the classes and its development to be sure not to lose any students along the way. If we see any sort of problems, we immediately try our best to insure the wellbeing of the student. If a student has some learning difficulties then we offer special education to help.

It is all about the children

We are an experimental school with focus on a high education.
It is all about the children and it is about preparing them for the rest of their lives.With the right knowledge and social dealings. The education takes place where the children are in their development. We look upon the certain needs of every child.

It is all about the parents

We appreciate the enormous commitment from the parents. At the same time we also take pride in the teacher based education. The teachers, who are equally committed, give the school their own views on how the teaching is suppose to be and thereby gives the school its quality, which we think is striking for our school.
The teachers continuously participate in different international courses.


Information Technology is a natural tool for the teaching and in the students’ future. The school has interactive starboards in every classroom.

To belong

Nyborg Friskole is physically split into four sections, so the students know where they “beong” At the same time we weight solidarity and the general education in our everyday life.

School regulations?

When you think of Nyborg Friskole as being ambitious and purposeful on behalf of the students, one might get to think of a very strict old-fashioned discipline. The school is quite the contrary. We don’t have specific school regulations, because it is simply common sense that everybody is well-behaved and respect each other and the teachers. We believe that when the lessons are kept in a professional manner, then there is no need to control unnecessarily. Of Course unwanted situations can occur, and then the adults intervene, take responsibility and act as role models.



Nyborg Friskole is a free basic school with all its rights and obligations. The free school is for students, parents and co-workers synonymous with:

  • to aspire to create the best possible, independent school for all
  • a joined will to undertake this responsibility
  • a joined effort in pursuing freedom, equality and democratic behaviour in the binding fellowship,  which is Nyborg Friskole.

View on human nature and the philosophy of life

Nyborg Friskole looks at man as being supreme and inviolable with its own worth and simultaneously as a social individual, who only through solidarity can realize his life.

Through this view on human nature we see existence as a long list of possibilities for everyone to use his or her own worth so others can benefit from it.


  • In the light of the above it is Nyborg Friskole’s purpose, in cooperation with parents to create the possibilities for:
  • to further and develop the students opportunities in society.
  • to train and strengthen the students courage and capability
    that students participate in the democratic process, which is seen as a natural part of our solidarity.
  • that students acquire knowledge, skills, qualifications, working methods and mode of expressions, which contributes to the individual students versatile personal development.
  • to make the students familiar with Danish culture and contribute to their understanding of other cultures and for mans interaction with nature.

Educational view

Nyborg Friskole see it as their purpose in cooperation with parents to create settings for learning:

  • where the students’ confidence in their own possibilities is trained
  • where the students are given perspectives and background to take a stand and act on it, and thereby be co responsible.
  • where the unprejudiced and equal conversation can take place.
  • where you dare put yourself on the risk
  • where the students are valued and taken seriously in cheerful and optimistically surroundings.
  • where commitment educationally as well as socially and the good experiences can develop the students cognition, imagination and desire to learn