About Nyborg Friskole
Nyborg Friskole was established in August 1996. We do not have a long history and many traditions, but we have been able to shape the school’s profile and content.

Approximately 80 percent of students come from the immediate area and with an enrollment of approximately 370, we are not among the smaller independent schools in the country. The school has one track until the 6th grade, and from the 7th to the 9th grade it is a two form entry.

Nyborg Friskole weights academically qualifications evenly to social skills.

A school is created by the people who attend it
We believe in our school, because every day we can see a lot of children who thrive – and only when we prosper, we can learn. We emphasize:

  • Low class sizes, allowing time and space for the individual student’s needs and learning.
  • English teaching from the Kindergarten class.
  • Public school examinations after the 9th class.
  • Tolerance, commitment and accountability in the relationships between students, parents and teachers.
  • Security and community in everyday life.
  • A high level of expertise with training opportunities that have creative character, which allows students to discover and develop many forms of expression.
  • Qualification of students, so that they can develop their self-esteem and meet future demands on professional skills, interpersonal skills and desire to seek new knowledge.
  • A close, open and developing contact between school and home.

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